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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frost Dragon & The Girl + Rose + Spectrum 18

I recently had my art licensed for a George R.R. Martin book cover.
The cover is for the French publisher ActuSF and due out around May 23 (in France) under the title "Dragon de glace". The art is a couple drawings I had done & reworked together for this project. I tried a coloring style that was fairly minimal and light, especially over the character drawing.

ActuSF website:

Frost Dragon & The Girl:

Here's a drawing my fiancée Tamara and I did for our wedding.
Tamara did the pencil design, then I inked it and added some color.

The Rose:

Spectrum 18!
The artist list was posted recently. I'll again have art in this annual artbook, which is due to be published and released in Fall 2011.
Here's a link to the full artist list: Spectrum 18 artist list


  1. Congratulations and very well deserved. Oddly enough, looking at your work I could imagine it almost becomes a meditation when working in ink and with such detail. I wonder, having exorcised your imagination to such detail in your work, do you dream still?

  2. Had to comment on the Frost Dragon piece. I love the controlled, textural line work you consistently use but these textures have a feeling of spontaneity that pushes beyond your other works. Seems like you really let go and started playing (especially the girls clothing, just brilliant). The creativity rolls off the squiggly exploration. Your compositions and black spotting have been spot on (no pun intended) for a while now but the details, I think, were holding you back slightly with their repetition. Every line was perfect but sometimes they read as a bit flat. Not anymore! In my opinion you just mastered pen and ink! Cannot wait to see what you do next. Wondering if you are a Joseph Clement Coll fan?

  3. @evilDM- thanx, I don't remember dreams after I wake up too often. maybe I'm searching for them in my art:)

    @Furman- thanx, glad you like it. My inking is often times a controlled style. My inital rough sketches have much looser & spontaneous lines. I try to keep some of that energy in the ink drawing, but some is lost. I love Joseph Clement Coll's work, though wouldn't say he has been a major influence in my ink work. For me drawing and inking is a constant learning process, and everything keeps evolving.