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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gatekeeper, Cons, Sketches, NEW art peek

My character "Gatekeeper of the Dark" (along with a couple other pieces) will be featured in the "IlluXConcepts" artbook.  A limited artbook made for the "IlluXCon 2013" fantasy art show/convention.

I'll be exhibiting at the show on Sept 14 & 15:
IlluXCon 2013 (more info here)

Before that show I'll be at Wizard Chicago Comic-Con on Aug 8-11:
Wizard Chicago Comic-Con 2013 (more info here)

Here's "Gatekeeper of the Dark", along with my creature design "The Noctiluca", a new scan of "Pierce that Tongue!", some sketchbook doodles and concepts, and a small preview/WIP of a new cover.

Gatekeeper of the Dark: Ink version
Ink Detail:
Gatekeeper of the Dark: WIP Pencil detail
The Noctiluca: Creature concept
Head Detail:
Hand Detail:
WIP photo:
Noctiluca Sketchbook: Cover (SOLD OUT)
This was the cover to a small sketchbook I made for the Spectrum convention this year.  It sold out before I had a chance to put it up here.
Pierce that Tongue!: Ink version (new scan)
Morning Coffee Sketches:
Thorn Devil: concept sketch
Desert Eyes: pencil doodle
*NEW peek* Broken Skull: Pencil detail from a new cover
Stained Glass and The Ring: Ink detail (From the vault)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swamp Thing 20 Cover: Process + NEW peek

Swamp Thing : Burn Out the Heart!
My cover for DC's Swamp Thing #20 is released today featuring a battle between Swamp Thing  & The Man of Steel.

"Cup o' Kryptonite" has invited me back for a signing from 5-7 PM tonight (Wednesday, May 1).  If you are in the area, you can check out the original art;)

More info on their facebook page:
Cup o' Kryptonite : Swamp Thing 20 signing

You can also see a preview of the comic here:
Swamp Thing #20 PREVIEW

Here's a collection of various WIP photos & jpegs of the cover at it's different stages.  This one I did everything including the colors.  I drew this one a bit smaller than I usualy do for covers, though the image still turned out pretty strong.

Final Color Version:
Rough Sketch:
Pencil: WIP photo
Pencil Detail:
Ink: WIP photo
Ink Version:
Color Detail:

Finally a little peek at something new!
WIP creature design sketch (pencil):

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inking Scarecrow + Swamp Thing 19 Signing

Swamp Thing #19 which features a gatefold cover I drew, comes out next week from DC Comics.
"Cup of Kryptonite" have invited me to do a signing at their store on Wednesday (April 3rd) for the release. I'll be there in the shop from 5:00-7:00 PM. Stop by if you are in the Des Moines, IA area;)

You can find the address on their page:
Cup of Kryptonite on Facebook

Drawing Scarecrow was one of my favorite parts of the cover art.
Here's some WIP photos from inking Scarecrow, plus one of Swamp Thing's arm, and the full Ink version of Swamp Thing #19 too.

Scarecrow: WIP Ink detail 1
WIP Ink detail 2:
WIP Ink detail 3:
Swamp Thing's arm: WIP Ink detail
Swamp Thing #19: Ink Version (gatefold cover)
Finally here's a photo detail of the original rough sketch for the Swamp Thing 19 cover.  I really liked the original sketch on this one.  This is where I figured out the composition & basic shapes.  Then the final was done on another paper.
Rough Sketch Detail:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Man of Steel: DC art

Here's a few pencil and ink detail photos from a cover I drew for DC Comics.   This is actually on the gatefold cover for Swamp Thing #19, which DC showed recently. 

Really this is the first time I've ever drawn the Man of Steel. I didn't use photo refs on the character and this is the first thing that came out.  As probably expected with my character art, he has a bit of a dark edge.  Hopefully fanboys will approve.
The book comes out April 3rd;)

You can check the full version here:
Swamp Thing 19: Ink version  

WIP photo:
Pencil version:
Ink Detail (traditional ink/ photo of original art):

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swamp Thing Cover art

I've done some Swamp Thing cover art for DC.  Being that I love Bernie Wrightson's art, it was quite an honor to work on his creation.

Here's some previews of the pencil version for Swamp Thing issue 19 and a concept drawing.  Issue 19 is a massive gatefold cover featuring Scarecrow fighting Swamp Thing. I'm only showing some pencil details and part of the cover in this post.
Keep an eye out for the full and very detailed ink cover which will be shown soon!

Concept Drawing:
pencil detail from my concept design for Swamp Thing
Scarecrow: Pencil detail
Swamp Thing: Pencil detail
Head Pencil detail:
Swamp Thing 19: Color detail
This is from the Preview version for issue 19, which I colored too. (final version is inked)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dragonizor: Into the Amaurotic Abyss

"As he removed the needles from his split shoulder, several streams of blood spiraled down his arm. Following the crimson trails, small scales began to form, as the infection spread. Around the wound a series of thin, teeth-like bones pierced out from within, crisscrossing the opening and stitching it shut."

Dragonizor: Into the Amaurotic Abyss (color)
* view the FULL version larger here: Dragonizor (on DeviantArt)

Here is something new for a personal project. This creature design, "The Dragonizor" started as a sketch at a con. I liked how it turned out and wanted to do a more finished piece. I usually ink right over my pencil, but the original pencil sketch had already gone to the art collector. 
This is version #2 that I drew a bit larger, added a full background, inked and colored to give the creature more life.

Below I'm adding a number of WIP photos and details from this art. 

SkullHead: pencil detail

DragonHead: WIP inking photo

WIP Inking photo 2

SnakeHead: Ink detail (close up)
Dragonizor: Full Ink version
* view LARGER here: INK version (on DeviantArt)

The cave walls in the background were done as a separate pencil drawing.  They were drawn in a more fully shaded and painterly style than my line work.  The idea was to have these structures really swarming with darkness, alien shapes and mystery. There are various familiar shapes woven into the crawling surfaces as well.  Setting and atmosphere have always been very important to me and I was happy with how this design merged together with the Dragonizor. 

Here's the background drawing by itself and a couple close up details.

Walls of the Abyss: pencil

Walls Detail 1

Walls Detail 2

Finally here's a couple color details from the final.

DragonHead: color

ScalerHead: color

And an OLD little ink drawing dragon scene, that I stumbled across in my art folders.

Dragon Encounter: (old/early work)

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Creatures + Fallcon 2012

October is here! And I have lots of wicked projects in the works, so I haven't had much time to post.

I can't reveal much yet but here's some things coming.
New comic covers on a title I've always wanted to draw, new book covers for books including stories by George RR Martin and Neil Gaiman, and new crazy commission pieces introducing new characters I've designed and my take on other favorites.

I'm very excited about all these! For now here's a pencil detail of a sketch I reworked. A character/creature design for my own project.

Tommorrow (Oct 6) I'll be at Fallcon in MN.
Stop by if you are in the area.
More info on:  Fallcon webpage

Creature Design Rework: Pencil detail (WIP)
 Fallcon 2012 : Oct. 6 2012