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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swamp Thing 20 Cover: Process + NEW peek

Swamp Thing : Burn Out the Heart!
My cover for DC's Swamp Thing #20 is released today featuring a battle between Swamp Thing  & The Man of Steel.

"Cup o' Kryptonite" has invited me back for a signing from 5-7 PM tonight (Wednesday, May 1).  If you are in the area, you can check out the original art;)

More info on their facebook page:
Cup o' Kryptonite : Swamp Thing 20 signing

You can also see a preview of the comic here:
Swamp Thing #20 PREVIEW

Here's a collection of various WIP photos & jpegs of the cover at it's different stages.  This one I did everything including the colors.  I drew this one a bit smaller than I usualy do for covers, though the image still turned out pretty strong.

Final Color Version:
Rough Sketch:
Pencil: WIP photo
Pencil Detail:
Ink: WIP photo
Ink Version:
Color Detail:

Finally a little peek at something new!
WIP creature design sketch (pencil):

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