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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dragon*con + Creatures + Books Update

Next weekend I'll be at Dragon*con Atlanta! (Aug 31-Sept 3)
I'll be at table TBL33 in the artist alley.  Located in Grand Hall East of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Full artist list on  my Facebook
Dragon*con:  Official page here

Along with new Art Prints and sketchbooks/artbooks, I'll have my series of Creepy Tumbler Mugs and new T-shirts just released.  Here's a few pics of the designs:

Creepy Tumbler Mugs:
"The White Octopus" design:
Undead with Claws T-shirtLARGER version of front art here

New Creature design:
This started as a doodle while I was away from the studio and ended up turning out better than expected;)  I titled this creature the "Ossein Thief", and he's meant to tie in with my other "Collector" creature designs.

Ossein Thief: creature design
Pencil Detail

Books:  I had a couple covers released this month.

Dark Sun TPB:
This is the soft cover version for comic stores of the D&D graphic novel from IDW.  My Dark Sun cover will also appear in the upcoming "Spectrum 19", where it was nominated for an award in the comic section.

Bloodshot #2:
I did the limited variant cover for the second issue of Valiant's new explosive Bloodshot series.  Here's some of the process pics from rough sketch/idea to finished ink drawing.

Initial Rough:
Rough V2 with lighting and backgound concepts added:
Full PENCIL version:
WIP pencil to ink:
INK Version:
INK Detail:

Color version on my Facebook page.


  1. Do you add the white splatter in the back with white-out, paint or is there a white ink?

  2. Bleed-proof White opaque watercolor