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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Upcoming Art

Upcoming previews;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dark Knight, Dark Sun +++ (New Books, Prints, Art)

First up here's a small detail teaser for my new Dark Knight art. Check back for more on this soon!

Dark Knight: WIP pencil detail

I was in the bookstore a couple days ago and surprised to see there was a hard cover graphic novel printed of the "D&D: Dark Sun" comic for which I did cover art.
My cover art on this book is printed bigger and looks much better than it did on the comic. It is printed in a similar style to the D&D RPG books. The figures on the art are printed with a glossey finish, so they really pop.
The book is called "Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun: Ianto's Tomb" & published by IDW. Here's a couple pics of my cover & another cover I did is also printed inside the book.


Recently I got my comp copies for my George R.R. Martin book cover.
This is my first published cover for a novel (not graphic novel)
The art is also printed in my new artbook "Exorcism"

"Dragon de glace" Published by Actusf (French publisher)

I'm doing small sketches for anyone who picks up a copy of my "Exorcism" artbook/ sketchbook before Halloween 2011.
The original doodles are on the inside back cover and each will be slightly unique. Due to time and numbers, I'm limiting myself to a sharpie Skullface doodle and not taking requests for characters.

For more details on my artbook/ sketchbook check here:
Exorcism: Art of Andy Brase- limited artbook/ sketchbook
These are limited and only available through me.
For more info on getting a copy, contact me at:

Skullface doodles: (for my Artbook)

Here's a couple more pieces that are printed in my "Exorcism" book.
These ones are also available as limited art prints.
Both character illustrations are for my own project/world "Chaos Destiny"

Gatekeeper of the Dark V2 (updated 2011 version):

The Tongue Collector (Haunted version):

And to wrap this post up here's a WIP sketch from my sketchbook.
Another sketch of my Cudoviste creature.

Tentacles + Teeth: WIP sketch

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vampire + Medusa concept art (DC)

A long while back, I worked on some character concept & toy designs for DC Direct. The project hasn't surfaced, though I was recently given permission to show my concept drawings for the project.
One of the designs I worked on for a Vampire concept was used in a new comic from DC called "FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E."

The idea basically was to redesign some classic monster characters with some guidelines and direction that I was given from the awesome art director. We both have a passion for monsters, so I had a lot of ideas to sort through and seam together into a fitting design for each character drawing.


BLOOD TANK (vampire back):


*Artbook/ Sketchbook Available! - more info here: Exorcism artbook

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dragonizor + Undead Army + Fallcon 2011

This is a sketch I was commissioned to do at a convention. The commissioner asked me to draw whatever I was in the mood to do.
So here's "The Dragonizor", another creature design/concept from my "Chaos Destiny" universe:)

The Dragonizor:

Here's an updated version of an older ink drawing I did for an unpublished project. I wanted to add a simple spot color style to pop the bottom characters out a bit more, but not overpower the ink work.

Undead Army : Black Ice

My next convention appearance will be at Fallcon in MN (Oct 15). I should still have copies of my new artbook/sketchbook "Exorcism" for that con. Plus various new Art Prints, etc.
Fallcon 2011 (more info here)

For those interested in my limited artbook/sketchbook, more info here:
Exorcism: Art of Andy Brase

Monday, August 22, 2011

Exorcism Artbook- Interior Pages

Here's another interior page spread from my new limited artbook/sketchbook "Exorcism". Check the previous blog entry for more info or at this link:
Exorcism: Art of Andy Brase- limited artbook/ sketchbook

Send me a message if you are interested in more details about getting a copy:)

The Eyeball Collector page: (photo)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exorcism : Art of Andy Brase (New Artbook)

UPDATE:  Exorcism is now SOLD OUT.  There is a new sketchbook now available at my mail order page here:
Andy Brase Art: New 2013 Sketchbook

Available Now! I have copies of my new convention artbook.
This is the first sketchbook I've published through a printer and it turned out looking great!
For more info on getting a copy, contact me at:

-new limited edition artbook/ sketchbook
-30 pages of my art, printed in full color
-includes art in various stages from pencil to ink to color

published by Runic Piranha Studios

Exorcism Cover:

Interior Page Spread:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wizard Chicago Con 2011 + New Art Teaser

I was invited to be a guest at Wizard Chicago Comic Con along with my wife Tamara (soon to be wife) who will also be showing her art. Tamara and I will be set up in artist alley for the whole show Aug 11-14. We will have new art prints and various other things that we are considering.

I'm planning a new convention art/sketchbook. Check back for more details as the show gets closer.
Here's a teaser for some newer art too.

Wizard Chicago Con 2011:
Main Webpage
Andy Guest Bio page
Tamara Guest Bio page

Teaser Pencil Detail:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frost Dragon & The Girl + Rose + Spectrum 18

I recently had my art licensed for a George R.R. Martin book cover.
The cover is for the French publisher ActuSF and due out around May 23 (in France) under the title "Dragon de glace". The art is a couple drawings I had done & reworked together for this project. I tried a coloring style that was fairly minimal and light, especially over the character drawing.

ActuSF website:

Frost Dragon & The Girl:

Here's a drawing my fiancée Tamara and I did for our wedding.
Tamara did the pencil design, then I inked it and added some color.

The Rose:

Spectrum 18!
The artist list was posted recently. I'll again have art in this annual artbook, which is due to be published and released in Fall 2011.
Here's a link to the full artist list: Spectrum 18 artist list

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tongue Collector +++

Here's another character design drawing for my own project "Chaos Destiny". This creature was created to be the female counter-partner to another creature I created called "The Eyeball Collector"

Like the Eyeball Collector drawing, this just started as a doodle in my sketchbook. I got carried away with it, and tightened the details up like a finished piece. I created the background color and textures in photoshop with the idea of adding a creepy, alien atmosphere... an interesting setting I had in mind, but not overpowering the pencil drawing.

Here's a color version and some WIP photos I took of the sketch in various stages.

The Tongue Collector:
WIP photos:
Pencil Detail:

Here's another little drawing I did on V-day for my wicked kitty;)
Bee Heart:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dark Sun #2 out today!

Here's my cover art for Dark Sun #2. The comic is due out today (Feb 9) from IDW! This one was fairly rushed compared to the first cover I did for Dark Sun. There were some last minute changes requested in the basic composition, and the image had to be reworked in a hurry.
For this one, I skipped an ink version and jumped straight to a digital color final from my pencil. I finished this color version a couple hours before I left on an international flight.

Dark Sun #2: Color version

Dark Sun #2: Pencil version
I think IDW made a limited edition pencil version cover too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dark Santa & Frosty the Headless Snowman

Here's a sketch I did over the holidays. I decided to tighten it up a little and add a background. I don't think I've done a sketch of Santa before, so here's my version. I hope everyone had a good start to the new year.

Dark Santa & Frosty the Headless Snowman:
Here's a couple details from it too!
Skulls Detail:

Demon Elf Detail:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dark Sun #1 out today!

D&D: Dark Sun #1 should be out today from IDW! I did one of the covers, and it looks like they also released a limited edition pencil version of my cover art. Here's a preview of the comic.
Dark Sun #1 PREVIEW- click here

I did the pencil, ink and color on this cover. (the ink version is in a previous blog post) There's also another killer cover for the comic by Wayne Reynolds.

Dark Sun #1- color version:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sea Creature Sketch

Here's a new sketch for the New Year... a vicious sea critter design I was messing around with. It's another creature drawing for my own project "Chaos Destiny"

Sea Creature sketch:

Pencil Detail: