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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frost Dragon & The Girl + Rose + Spectrum 18

I recently had my art licensed for a George R.R. Martin book cover.
The cover is for the French publisher ActuSF and due out around May 23 (in France) under the title "Dragon de glace". The art is a couple drawings I had done & reworked together for this project. I tried a coloring style that was fairly minimal and light, especially over the character drawing.

ActuSF website:

Frost Dragon & The Girl:

Here's a drawing my fiancée Tamara and I did for our wedding.
Tamara did the pencil design, then I inked it and added some color.

The Rose:

Spectrum 18!
The artist list was posted recently. I'll again have art in this annual artbook, which is due to be published and released in Fall 2011.
Here's a link to the full artist list: Spectrum 18 artist list