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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dark Sun cover art!

I've just been approved to post this:) Here's the ink version and a detail of my cover for IDW's new comic Dark Sun #1! (coming in Jan 2011) I also did a full color version, which will be coming soon, so keep an eye out.

Dark Sun is a dark, gritty fantasy world that was originally made famous by the paintings of Gerald Brom for the RPG books. (a spin off of D&D) I'm a big fan of the setting and I think this is my best fantasy art yet.

Here's some nice words from Brom on my Dark Sun art:
"Andy Brase's dynamic and dramatic imagery truly captures the spirit and savagery of Dark Sun." -Brom

This is out in the new "Previews", and due out in stores Jan 2011. So be sure to tell your comic shop to order the book! There is also a cool cover from Wayne Reynolds and interior art by Peter Bergting. On a related note, my good friend Tyler Walpole is providing regular covers for IDW's D&D comic.

Here's a link to IDW's Jan Previews:
IDW comics for Jan 2011

Dark Sun #1: Ink version

Ink Detail