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Friday, October 15, 2010

Titans cover: Pencil to Ink

Many people have been asking about the process for my art. I don't really have time right now for a full detailed tutorial. Though here are a few WIP scans and some notes.

First the rough sketch. This is were I nail down the composition. I'm mainly just concerned with shapes, figures, some of the lighting and overall ideas here. I don't worry about details in this stage and try to keep things loose. It's more experimenting and searching at this point.

After I create a comp, I'm happy with, it's on to penciling. I light box the original sketch to better paper (bristol board), so I have a clean start. In the case of the Titans cover I penciled it very tight, figuring out all the details of anatomy and lighting.

Pencil Detail:

The ink stage was just making everything solid and flow together. And here's the final inks, scanned straight off the drawing, without any computer coloring or altering.


  1. Awesome. Quick question if you don't mind. Do you ink right on to the pencils scan or do you lightbox the inks too? Thanks ahead of time =)

  2. I ink right over the pencil version... The scan above is just before I inked it. I think it would drive me nuts to ink on a lightbox.

  3. absolutely fantastic man, thanks for sharing

  4. How large do you work? The detail is faboo!

  5. This is 11 x 17... I do most of my cover type art at that size.