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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Knight: WIP + Details

Here's some various WIP photos and ink details from my recent Dark Knight art. These were taken at various stages of penciling and inking.

The final full original ink version of this piece is posted here:
Dark Knight: Original Ink

Joker Penguin: WIP

Penguin: Pencil to Ink

DK: Ink detail

Two Face: Ink detail

Poison Ivy: Pencil

Gargoyle: WIP Ink

Ivy Skull: Ink detail

Poison Ivy: Ink

Beneath the Gargoyle: Pencil detail

Dark Knight: Pencil to Ink


  1. Mr Brase: i´m astonished; surprised, marvelled. Your style it´s mindblowing, and your technique... i have no words. I can see the time and imagination you put on this images. From now on i´m one of your fascinated admirers.As an artist myself i can tell you that your work is something rare and uncommon and i regret to knowing your art just recently.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  2. Thanx for the kind words Sebastián.

  3. Greetings Andy Braze, I've been an admirers since the hay day of comics space. I learn that you used sakura pigma micron pen for your work, as shown in this post.

    I'm curious as how many pens did you need to finished a detailed artwork? From my experiance with this pen, it run out quite fast.


  4. I usually work with a few different size tips, though only one of each... the pens usually last through at least one of these detailed drawings. I'm not too heavy handed on the tight details so that helps probably.
    Thanx Robin!