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Saturday, October 31, 2009

World of Chaos Destiny

This is my own project that is set in a dark world I created. It is a vision I have had and developed for quite some time. This is an illustrative project intended to be published as an concept artbook eventually. I work on this when I can and have 30-40 finished ink illustrations already with more to come.

I have posted a few sketch pages from the "Chaos Destiny Sketchbook" on the right side of this blog page. These are images from my world though the eyes of the main character Athan Cyprus. Athan keeps a sketchbook/ journal that he obsessively records his thoughts and observations in. Click the images to read his thoughts on the sketches.
I have also posted one of the main character illustrations of Athan Cyprus. (above the sketch pages)

Here is another sketch of Athan.

Here is the "Sawed-off Disintegrator" sketch page and a WIP photo.

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