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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pencils: Bloodshot + Vicious Creatures & more

This post is dedicated to pencil, including various WIP pics, sketches, to finished pencil details.

First up is a WIP pencil pic from my upcoming Bloodshot #2 cover.
This is for a variant cover due out Aug 15 from Valiant Comics.
The full ink version can be seen here:
Bloodshot cover: Ink Version

Next, here's some various sketchpad doodles I did while away from my studio.  Some odd & twisted creatures that just came out while sketching.  Also a couple WarDreams WIP pics and a new scan of "Brooding Under Pillars".

Bloodshot: WIP pencil detail
WarDreams: Left WIP
WarDreams: Right WIP
Dr. Death Collar:
Dr. Death Collar- Detail:
Bone Shard Serpent:
Brooding Under Pillars- Detail:
Brooding Under Pillars- Full: See larger here
Sunset: Taken on the road

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