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Monday, October 26, 2009


I decided to start up a blog. Partly to have a space to collect links to my art and various related things on the web. I don't have an official webpage and this is a little easier to set up. I have a myspace blog and a facebook page already and a few other web galleries of my art.

If you're new to my art here's a few illos below and there's a short bio at the bottom of the blog. Here's a link to a post I made on that has a bunch of my art too:
Andy's art on Concept art- click here

Some of my art - click images for bigger pics

The Throne- The pencil version of this art was used on the Kull #2 cover art for Dark Horse. This ink version I did on my own time and wasn't used in the project. I just felt the drawing was too strong to not do an ink version.
The Throne- click here
Hellboy: Egyptian Ruins- This is one of a couple Hellboy private commissions I've done. Hellboy is one of my favorite comic books, so I went all out on the 2 commissions I did. The drawings have never been used on an official project, though I did get compliments from Dark Horse & Mike Mignola on the art.
Hellboy: Egyptian ruins- click here
Scale the Tower- This one is a personal drawing and creature design I did for my own project call "Chaos Destiny" The project is set in a dark world I'm designing. It is a vision I have had for quite some time. It is an illustrative project intended to be published as an concept artbook eventually. I work on this when I can and have 30-40 finished illustrations already with more to come.
Scale the Tower- click here


  1. Formidable dessin , de grandes prouesses avec votre imagination débordante ! Bravo...

  2. what are you drawing on (support) ? What are you drawing with (type of pen)? what is the size of this work ?