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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spectrum opening in NYC

Back in September I took a trip to New York City to go to the Spectrum Exhibition opening reception which was on Sept. 11th. That was my first time in NYC and having work in a gallery show there too. My Crimson Devil drawing was picked to be in the show. I was one of the few artists with ink work to be included, though a number of my favorite contemporary painters had works in the show. It was great to see so much stunning art up close and meet a few artists.

The hotel I stayed in was near Times Square. So during the day on Sept. 11th I e-mailed an editor I'm working with at DC to see if I could stop by. He said sure, so I grabbed my portfolio and walked through the rain a few blocks to the DC offices. It turned out to be a great visit ... I got a chance to meet my editor and he gave me a tour of DC.

Here's a few photos from the trip- click images to see them larger.

Crimson Devil framed art: Here's a few pics of the framed art before it was shipped off to NYC. The Crimson Devil drawing was originally done for the small press comic company Ape Entertainment. The piece has yet to be published on the original project, though may at some point be printed there. I'll also post the ink version of the original art.

Sunrise: I took off for NYC early on Sept 10th and took a few pics of the sunrising from the airplane. Something I don't see everyday... from an airplane I mean.

Times Square: It was great to see all those buildings lit up at night, so I took a bunch of pics.

Spectrum Show: Here's a few pics from the show @ The Museum of American Illustration... I didn't get a chance to take many pics at the show. My art piece was hanging next to a huge Kull painting by Justin Sweet.

Winsor McCay art: A great pen & ink illustration that was in the permanent collection at the museum.

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