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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kull TPB

The Kull TPB that collects the series (Kull #1-6) was released from Dark Horse.
It turned out pretty good with strong interior art by Will Conrad and a nice story by Arvid Nelson based on "The Shadow Kingdom" by the Kull creator Robert E. Howard.
The Kull cover art that I did for #1-3 were printed inside as chapter headers. They printed a little darker than on the comic covers though still look good and are free of logo designs.
The TPB has a bonus sketchbook section in the back which includes some extras from Conrad and a pencil version of my Kull #2 cover. These were great additions to the book! The TPB has a new cover by Paul Renaud.
Kull TPB @ Dark Horse- click here

A minor disappointment was that my cover art for Kull # 2 was not updated for the TPB. The original cover was colored over my pencil work. I later went back on my own time and did a fully inked and more detailed version of the drawing. Which looks much better and would have been more consistant with my other covers.
Anyway its just something I think could have helped the book look a bit stronger. I might be a little bit of a picky ass though.

Here's my covers for Kull # 1 and #3

I was surprised to see my original Kull concept design printed next to the title page in the book. This was the original idea and direction I had wanted to go with my Kull cover art... a little darker and more gritty but still different looking than Conan. I thought this design would be more visually appealing on covers and was closer to my natural instincts of how to draw Kull. Here's that sketch.

Here's another early concept sketch that was scrapped all together... he was a bit too bulky here to be Kull. (This sketch is not in the TPB)

Here's some WIP shots of the Kull #1 cover... none of these pics are in the TPB, so I thought I'd show them here.
My rough sketch for the cover was pretty messy. On this sketch Kull holds the sword pointing out. This was changed, so the barcode wouldn't cover it up and I'm very glad my editor noticed that at this early stage.

WIP pencil + some details: This cover drawing was the first piece done for Kull and was to be a sort of initial concept guide as well.

Kull's hair had to be change a little from this... it was too puffed up. The face was drawn without any photo refs... like many of the comic characters I do.

The visual design I created for the monster on this cover was used in the interior art of the first issue.

Here's a WIP ink scan

I also colored my art on this cover and was playing with the idea of a blue skinned monster.

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  1. You are truly an amazing talent! Your dedication and ideas impress me beyond words, and inspire me to be more than I had ever thought possible.